Texas Roadhouse Joliet: Restaurant Phone Number, Address, Hours, and Reviews

Texas Roadhouse Joliet

Welcome to Texas Roadhouse Joliet at 3151 Tonti Drive, Joliet, IL 60431.The Texas Roadhouse Joliet serves delicious American and steakhouse cuisine, including gluten-free options.

Enjoy mouthwatering lunch and dinner dishes at affordable prices. Ideal for gatherings, our generous portions provide great value.

Ranked #11 out of 132 local restaurants with a 4.0 Tripadvisor rating, we’re praised for quality steak, ribs, and prime rib roast, along with warm bread and cinnamon butter.

For reservations or inquiries, call +1 815-577-9003. We’re open from 11 AM to 11 PM, offering ample time for a satisfying meal.

Experience our friendly service, perfect for family, friends, or colleagues. Receive a complimentary take-home box of peanuts in our welcoming atmosphere.

Discover why Texas Roadhouse Joliet is a local and visitor favorite. Plan your next dining experience with us!

Restaurant Address & Phone Number

If you’re looking to visit Texas Roadhouse Joliet, here are the details you need to know:

  • Address: 3151 Tonti Drive, Joliet, IL 60431
  • Phone Number: +1 815-577-9003

These are the essential contact details for the restaurant. You can use the address to navigate your way there and the phone number to make inquiries or reservations. With this information at hand, you’ll be all set to enjoy a delicious meal at Texas Roadhouse Joliet.


At Texas Roadhouse Joliet, you can expect more than just great food. The restaurant offers a range of facilities that enhance the overall dining experience. Here are some highlights:

Facility Description
Family-Friendly Atmosphere The restaurant creates a warm and inviting ambiance suitable for casual meals or special occasions.
Good Value for Money Texas Roadhouse Joliet offers affordable prices and generous portions, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.
Attentive Service The staff at Texas Roadhouse Joliet is known for their friendly and attentive service, making your dining experience memorable.
Complimentary Peanuts As a special touch, the restaurant provides a take-home box of peanuts for you to enjoy.

These facilities contribute to the overall satisfaction of customers and make Texas Roadhouse Joliet a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

Opening Hours

When planning your visit to Texas Roadhouse Joliet, it is important to know the opening hours of the restaurant. Texas Roadhouse Joliet is open from 11AM to 11PM, ensuring you have ample time to enjoy a delicious meal. Whether you’re stopping by for lunch or dinner, the restaurant’s operating hours accommodate various dining preferences.

The extended hours provide flexibility for customers to visit during their preferred time of day. Whether it’s a weekday lunch with colleagues or a family dinner on the weekend, Texas Roadhouse Joliet is ready to welcome you with its mouthwatering menu and warm hospitality.

Plan Your Visit Accordingly

With Texas Roadhouse Joliet opening at 11AM, it’s an ideal choice for a hearty lunch to satisfy your midday cravings. Indulge in their signature steaks, ribs, or other delicious dishes, accompanied by their famous warm bread and cinnamon butter. The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff will ensure a pleasant experience.

For those who prefer a later meal, Texas Roadhouse Joliet remains open until 11PM, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed dinner with family and friends. From their extensive menu options, including gluten-free choices, to their generous portions and affordable prices, Texas Roadhouse Joliet offers something for everyone.

Flexible Dining Experience

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a casual meal, Texas Roadhouse Joliet provides a family-friendly environment that caters to all. The restaurant’s facilities are designed to accommodate large groups, making it an excellent choice for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other memorable events.

So, the next time you’re craving a delicious steak or craving some comfort food, make sure to check out Texas Roadhouse Joliet during its convenient opening hours. With its warm hospitality and mouthwatering menu, it’s bound to become one of your favorite dining destinations in Joliet.

Restaurant Facilities

Texas Roadhouse Joliet offers a range of facilities to enhance your dining experience. The restaurant provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for both casual outings and special occasions. The staff is known for their friendly and attentive service, ensuring that you feel welcome and well taken care of during your visit.

One of the highlights of dining at Texas Roadhouse Joliet is the complimentary gift of a take-home box of peanuts. This thoughtful gesture adds a touch of Texas hospitality to your meal, allowing you to enjoy the restaurant’s signature peanuts long after your visit. The peanuts are a delicious and nostalgic treat that perfectly complements the mouthwatering flavors of the menu.

Furthermore, Texas Roadhouse Joliet offers good value for money with its affordable prices and generous portions. The menu features a wide variety of American and steakhouse cuisine, including options for gluten-free meals. Whether you’re craving a juicy steak, savory ribs, or a delectable prime rib roast, you can find it all at Texas Roadhouse Joliet.

Restaurant Facilities

Facilities Description
Family-Friendly Atmosphere Enjoy a welcoming environment suitable for both adults and children.
Affordable Prices Experience great value for money with reasonably priced menu items.
Generous Portions Indulge in satisfying servings that will leave you fully satisfied.
Gluten-Free Options Discover a selection of gluten-free dishes for those with dietary restrictions.
Excellent Service Enjoy the attentive and friendly service provided by the dedicated staff.

Customer Reviews and Tripadvisor Rating

When it comes to Texas Roadhouse Joliet, customers have had their say. And the overall consensus is positive. With a Tripadvisor rating of 4.4 out of 5, it’s clear that many visitors have enjoyed their experience at this popular restaurant.

Reviewers have highlighted the mouthwatering steak, ribs, and prime rib roast as standout menu items. These dishes have received high praise for their excellent quality and flavor.

But it’s not just the main courses that shine. Customers also rave about the warm bread served with delectable cinnamon butter – a delicious way to start your meal.

While Texas Roadhouse Joliet has garnered positive reviews for its friendly staff and value for money, there have been a few grievances mentioned by some reviewers. A few customers have expressed concerns about the portion sizes of certain dishes and issues with customer service. However, these negative comments are in the minority.

With an average rating of 4.4 on Tripadvisor, it’s clear that Texas Roadhouse Joliet has satisfied the taste buds of many diners, and there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy your visit too.


Is Texas Roadhouse Joliet’s address and phone number available?

Yes, the address of Texas Roadhouse Joliet is 3151 Tonti Drive, Joliet, IL 60431. You can contact the restaurant at +1 815-577-9003.

What are the opening hours of Texas Roadhouse Joliet?

Texas Roadhouse Joliet is open from 11AM to 11PM.

What facilities does Texas Roadhouse Joliet offer?

Texas Roadhouse Joliet provides a family-friendly atmosphere, great value for money, and generous portions. They also have a friendly and attentive staff. Additionally, they offer a take-home box of peanuts as a complimentary gift.

What are the customer reviews and Tripadvisor rating of Texas Roadhouse Joliet?

Texas Roadhouse Joliet has received positive reviews from customers. Some highlights include the excellent quality of the steak, ribs, and prime rib roast, as well as the warm bread with cinnamon butter. The restaurant has a Tripadvisor rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on user reviews.

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